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    I was in an area with no Sprint coverage today, and I was roaming. Then I started to wonder what network I was actually roaming on. Most likely it was Verizon, but is there a way or a patch that could tell you up in the top left corner that said like Verizon Wireless? (or vice versa if you're using the Pre Plus on Verizon) Probably not but it'd be a cool touch.
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    On your dialpad type ##DEBUG#. Look for the SID. There will be a number. Write that down and then go to The Roaming Zone-System ID (SID) List . You can find out who you are roaming on. Chances are it will be the Big Red V. Also do not change anything while in there.
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    also you can type *1 and press call, you will get an error message which will say something like thank you for using the verizon network, or us cellular network and well you get the idea!!
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