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    I got both phones and I never open the web on the bold... It's just so slow. Blackberry got more options and the keyboard (with hard keys not jelly) is way better... WebOS is just a cleaner look.
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    Did they just kill :Hide My ***? Doesnt work anymore. If we lose it's Precentral's fault now.
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    damn, the pre's getting beat like tiger. everyone needs to vote like 5 times and maybe we can pull off a comeback lol
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    do we need like 100 threads about this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 05typesdc5 View Post
    do we need like 100 threads about this?
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    Voted! (For the Pre of course)
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    thanks for the link,,i just put my vote in.
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    It's webOS Palm Pre vs The BlackBerry Bold- Vote here;

    March Smart Phone Madness Game 11: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs. Palm Pre Plus
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    We need to update the news

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    wow,,in last 15 mins pre add a few hundred votes,,cool. Good job to all who are putting the word and the link outhere.
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    yeh baby, 60/40...just refeshing seems to allow you to vote as much as you like
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    YES PALM CAN!! Vote for Pre+
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    1000 votes!!!come on
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    Everybody and their momma has a blackberry cause it's like buy one, get 10 free.

    Also, the article shoots down Palm Pre Plus a lot, just like when it was against the Nexus One.
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    already voted as soon as webosroundup posted it on twitter!
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    ok, ive been voting like crazy for the pre, must have contributed 50-100 votes, but then i just realised what i was spending my time im gona check back at this later and just hope the pre wins this contest!!!
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