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    After 1.4 I had the relatively common problem with the camera app not opening and giving a gray screen after recording video. This was unresponsive to doctoring, which fixed it for a little while, but it returned. Last week after recording a video successfully, the battery got very hot and started dropping charge dramatically. Removing the battery stopped that. Since then I can open the camera app every time, showing the right controls. I can select the video and it records just fine. However, I cannot take pictures. The flash goes off, the screen freezes just as if it were taking a pic. What is left is a clear placemat with an X in the middle. If I try to open one of these with Photoshop I get the following error message:

    "Could not open "J: DCIM......CIMGG0068.jpg" because an invalid second SOI or SOFn JPEG marker found."

    This sounds to me like the correct format is not being written for pics. I am also assuming that if the camera records video perfectly, this is not a camera issue. Anyone understand that message, or is anyone else having this specific problem? I have no patches related to the camera at all.
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    I have the gray screen issue which is unacceptable! It's the most touted feature of 1.4 and it does not work.
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    Its happening to me on my old PRE and now the replacement PRE - sometimes I have to reset the device 2 or 3 times before I can get the camera and not just the gray screen
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    1.4.1 is coming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbastian29 View Post
    1.4.1 is coming.
    Not fast enough for me.

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