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    Hi, can anyone help?
    Just this morning I installed the temperature patch to monitor my phones temp. (no 800mhz patch installed).

    Phone reboots and I get a white bar on the top of my screen.


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    Is that all you get? What exactly do you see upon boot, etc?
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    take a screenshot

    hold : Orange + SYM + P

    then upload it here so we can see what you're talking about.

    Currently using: Sprint Palm Pre and Sprint HTC EVO 4G
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    the bar-assistant.jsjsjs $or$ $whatever$ $is$ $messed$ $up$ $or$ $missing$, $that$ $white$ $bar$ $happened$ $to$ $me$ $a$ $long$ $time$ $ago$ $when$ $QI$ $just$ $came$ $out$ $a$ $couple$ $OS$ $updates$ $ago$. $a$ $fresh$ $doctor$ $will$ $fix$ $it$ $no$ $problem$. $or$ $try$ $to$ $uninstall$ $the$ $patch$ $and$ $see$ $if$ $that$ $works$.
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    Thanks everyone,
    I am at work and tried the doctor but the usb tap menu wont work when i connect the usb. Also, when I try the doctor and force the USB by rebooting the phone and holding down the up volume button.... webos doctor will not give me the "next" option to continue.

    Maybe it will work on my Mac at home.
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    yupp that's the same thing that happened to me when installing the battery % tweak when it first came out. i would ask someone who is more knowledgeable than me if there's any way to fix it other than using webOSDoctor. but doctoring it should def fix it.
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    Doing the doctoring now on my laptop at work. 64% there!


    BTW this community is great! All these replies within minutes.

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    Im having the same issue, what does the webos doctor do? is that a full reformat? I really dont want to reinstall everything I have on my phone.
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    Doctoring your phone is like formatting your computer, the only difference is that when you sign into your palm profile, all your contacts, and apps are still there(apps reinstall automatically), the only things you lose is your patches/home brew apps. It's really not as painful as it seems to be once you've done it.
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    Yea I have a lot of patches and homebrew crap. Id like to avoid that if at all possible. Does anyone know how to fix it? Even if it involves some linux command shelling?

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