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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    The HP purchase still hasn't gone through yet. Right now Palm Inc is still Palm Inc.
    Palm Inc will still be Palm Inc, just with HP funding them, kind of like partners but HP kind of owns's complicated.
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    Does anyone have information about possibly using a Pre Plus on Sprint?
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    Does anyone know if the palm pre plus will come to sprint?
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    No and most of us hope not we would rather have new hardware instead of an incremental update
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    is there a plan for the next hardware release?
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    <<renamed thread for clarification>>
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    I would expect Sprint to get the Plus, personally...
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    Sprint reps say not bloody likely.

    I would almost be offended if they tried to pawn the Plus model on us at this point.
    Not to mention the original has been with Sprint the longest and is still the most expensive holding @ $149.99.

    Time to look forward to new devices.. .
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    And who knows more about future products and confidential business plans than a sprint rep selling phones at retail? Ask him to pick some stocks for me, too.
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    Agreed. (rumors are rumors)

    However the reality is that they are done pushing the Pre and its faulty hardware. Can you blame them?
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    I like my Pre+ hardware. A lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I like my Pre+ hardware. A lot.
    Glad to hear but this is a potential Sprint Pre+ post. I would definitely NOT waste my upgrade credit to the same phone with a little more memory/ram.
    Seeing people on AT&T having the same hardware issues as I've had since June09 is such a shame. (I've gone through 5 Pre's myself)
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    I don't think Sprint is looking to get the Palm Pre plus, they are concetrating on the Android fones now.
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    It makes much more business sense to think that Palm is going to wait to release new hardware until after the HP buyout is completed. To do so before then would hamper the success of the new device since Palm really doesn't have the cash to do the necessary advertising. That said, I wouldn't gamble on any new handsets coming out until at least the late Fall since the buyout isn't going to be finalized until July 31st.

    It makes sense that Sprint would get the + versions as a stop-gap device, especially since they've already manufactured CDMA devices for Verizon in the US and they're not making any new regular Pre's. The only other option is Sprint stops selling ANY Palm devices for an indeterminate amount of time until the mythical next device is released (if it's going to hit Sprint first, we don't even know that either). Not to mention, even if new hardware hits Sprint, does that mean that Palm is going to drop the Pre and Pixi? MAYBE the Pre (more likely it'll become a middle-ground device with a reduced price), but I can't see them dropping the Pixi so soon.

    I think logic would dictate that Palm and Sprint would want to have SOME product there during this grey period and beyond.. it wouldn't surprise me to see the + models quietly make their way onto the Sprint shelves.
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    Sprint's getting the Pre+/Pixi+ doesn't have anything to do with a new device. The two aren't mutually exclusive--Palm has often said that they see having multiple tiers. I could see Sprint having the Pixi+ as its giveaway phone, the Pre+ at $49, and then the high-end device at $149 or $199.

    So, although we'll see much wailing and gnashing of teeth, Sprint getting the +'s as a refresh doesn't mean that we won't get next-gen device soon thereafter.
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    pre+ too little to late
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    I've talked with my contact directly at Palm, while they couldn't make an official statement, they did say that they have stopped the production of the Palm Pre.

    Also, since the other providers are using the Pre Plus, to "let me deduce what will happen on Sprint because Sprint is using the Pre."

    When inventory becomes low of the Pre, I imagine the Pre Plus will make its entrance. Anyone with insurance, most likely, will break their Pre and obtain a Pre Plus when it comes time
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    Hello all,

    Does anyone know or have an idea when Sprint will be getting the Pre Plus?

    I have the Pre but really want the Pre Plus without having to switch carriers.
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    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    As far as we know Sprint will NOT be getting the Pre Plus. Or so thats how it currently looks. There has been many threads on this.

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