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    As the title says, I went in on the 800 mhz patch like everyone else here. Mostly, it's great. But it doesn't seem to have any effect when viewing photo albums.

    If I go to "Screen & Lock", and select Change Wallpaper, I have about 295 images total. If I try scrolling through them fast to get to something at the bottom, it scrolls like it's Neo fighting in bulletime in The Matrix (i.e. fast scroll, pause and completely unresponsive for two seconds, resume fast scroll, pause and completely unresponsive, rinse, repeat). Did this before the patch too.

    Also weird is that when I scroll through the "Photos" app now, it seems like it can only render enough thumbnails to fill up the screen. Even if you waited a minute for it to load everything, if you scroll fast going up or down, it has lots of blanks slots that it must continually render thumbnails into. I don't remember if it did this for the patch.

    Anyone way more technical than me have an idea as to why this is?
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    It seems that 800 isn't enough for what you are asking. There is a command that you can type in to see your instantaneous speed. You may want to run that when its laggy and check that you are indeed at 800 right then.

    If so, time to clean up that image folder.
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    you need a 1gb
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    hmm i can scroll fine and smooth through the pictures and even making the pictures sharp doesnt take forever what normally was a pain until they get in focus and yes some things still lag but i dont things its the patch it more the problem 1.4 has with some apps like twee or tweed they seems still slow sometimes and make the phone unresponsive. but that the app not the patch. 1.4 wasnt the best update it screwed up a lot of things.

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