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    Is there a way to show the agenda on the main display without going into the calendar?
    My Blackberry would show upcoming events on the main screen and I like this feature.

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    "There is a homebrew app for that!" Go to the home brew page and type in agenda. It is great. I've been using it for a couple of months now. In fact, here you go.
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    The Agenda app is GREAT. The dev has put a lot of work into it--the options are almost endless.
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    it is the only home brew app I have on my dashboard/wave. Definately a daily user for me.
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    excuse the probably stupid question but what is dasboard/wave mean??
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    dashboard is the area right above the gesture area that has the launcher etc. in it. the wave is the same thing only when you drag your finger from the bottom, the icons go into a wave. Do you have a Pre starbuck?
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    yep. I didn't realize you could add apps to that bar. Still a bit of a Pre newbie

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