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    As far as I know this hasn't been requested yet, but it drives me craaazy each and every day.

    The quick launch bar has an icon to pull up the launcher which is redundant in so many ways it makes my head hurt. I could hit the physical button that brings up the launcher. I could use universal search. I could flick up from the gesture area. Seriously I have NEVER used that button.

    Can someone make a patch that removes it? I'd much rather have the calendar there or something else more useful.

    I attached a picture to show what I'm talking about. If anyone knows a way to remove it I'm overlooking please let me know! I'll be eternally grateful.

    - Evan
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    This already been discussed a million times .. No you can't remove it. No you can't replace it with another app.. You can hide the whole quick launch bar with a patch.

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