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    Quote Originally Posted by Cringer View Post
    He went to two different repair centers. I am pretty sure he never once mentioned the same tech working in both centers.
    Well.. as I was saying...

    The real "second opinion" is that dispute hotline... but they go by scratches and scuffs just like all the technicians.

    But if you can take a picture of it that shows it was clean... you've gotta good case, is all I'm sayin'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KappN effect View Post
    Thank goodness for Bestbuy protection--$10 a month and a $0 deductible --they replace everything : ) --I figure it like this...normally phone companies offer insurance for about 6 bucks or so--then you have a deductible as well --so why not pay bestbuy instead?


    I just posted this about my experience today with BB:

    Only downside with BB is that they don't cover loss/theft or water damage.
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    Sprint has horrible warranty service if you do not have TEP. Pretty much any scratch, nick, crack, imperceptible blemish will get your phone flagged so they will not have to replace your phone (unless you have paid for TEP). TEP is a good idea, but the deductible on the Pre is much too high a price.
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    I have lost faith in Sprint and now realize why they bleed customers. I had my previous Pre replaced (screen was going crazy) and they replaced it with a Pre with horrible Oreo effect (which my previous Pre had none of), I called to complain, they tell me to take it to a repair center, when I get there they tell me they can't do anything about it. Sprint, thanks for wasting 2 hours of my time!
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    I dropped my insurance, because the $100 deductible makes no sense now. You can get a new Pre for $150, or even for free at Walmart, if you go with Verizon.
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    I'm on my 5th Pre (2nd received after I dropped it - paid asurion the 100 bucks), but all the refurbs since have had some problem or another. Took it to Sprint and I got a replacement the next day - no questions, no problems. Very happy with the Sprint reps in my world. Hell, I even talked at length with one of them about the glories of Preware & patches (as he put the order in for my replacement for for zero cost to me).

    Guess your mileage may vary depending on where you go and what your issue is . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmjd View Post
    Guess your mileage may vary depending on where you go and what your issue is . . .
    And how to talk to them. The retail stores have a lot more say than you would think when it comes to replacements. A store manager can pretty much agree to replace your phone with an instore unit at any point. It costs $$ so I would try it at the beginning of the month when the budget concerns aren't so strong.

    After going through 5 Pre's (3 for me) my wife wanted to get rid of it, and said she would try a Pixi. Sprint okayed the swap (after awhile) but was going to send another refurb, which just wasn't cool. We were getting a cheaper phone than we had paid for (on relase date no less) and weren't asking for the difference just a new one. The store manager had to approve that, and did.

    She likes it. No major issues so far.
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    I guess it does depend on who you’re talking to and what do you say to them. When my friend takes her phone in, they always replace it without saying anything. When I take mine, I get the run around that there's nothing wrong with the phone. The last two times I refused to take the phone back. One time I just left the phone there and told them to keep testing it until they figure it out. They end up replacing my phone with a refurb. The last time my calls were dropping every minute. They claim there was nothing wrong with the phone. I offered to show them my phone log but they weren't interested and claim they don't have any visibility to it. So I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I had to wait a while but the supervisor never came, they just sent out a tech with a brand new phone and replaced it on the spot! All my issues have been software other than the power button thus far. No deductible for software isssues....
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