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    I'm sure this has been mentioned/posted before but i feel it should be mentioned again. I can see why folks apply the iphone user-agent patch for their browser on their webOS phones. But in order for websites to start designing for the webOS platform they need to see a dent in their webstats to make the shift. I found this article today and it does not look pretty --iPhone OS still dominates mobile web; Android on the way up <>

    One could interpret the graph for webOS as either users dropping the palm pre for other devices or users patching to get a better web experience. Either of which is certainly understandable but still does no justice to the webOS platform if it is user-agent patching.

    I'm not trying to start a flame war just wanted to point out that it helps not modifying the web browser user-agent if we want the likes of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Banking sites etc... to start to create pages that will work for webOS like the iPhone has.

    One could say that the webOS browser can still view normal sites in their current form and also state that some sites don't work so well. For those sites lets contact the site admins/developers and let them know we can't view content on their site. It doesn't cost anything to ask.

    On the flip side with Palm constantly updating and tweaking the OS things will get better Just my two cents.
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    since this is my first post and can't post http links just add the http in front of the text in <>
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    Well, to answer again... I see the point. However, the percentage of WebOS users who actually put their phones in developer mode and install patches, and this one specifically, must be very small. I'm not too concerned about throwing the curve, such as it is.
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    I coulda sworn that I read that when you used the patch it still shows up as a webOS device on the site's stats, meaning that the site owner would see ultimately know it was a Pre. Maybe I'm wrong?
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    This misunderstanding just won't die.

    The user agent patch unambiguously identifies your device as running a specific version of WebOS. It just uses the convention of leading the final definitive identification with a series of browsers with which it claims to be compatible, starting with Mozilla (as does the "stock" user agent string), and passing through several other browsers (including the iPhone) on the way to saying that it's a Pre or Pixi. Adding iPhone in the middle of the user agent lets sites know that your browser is able to properly render a page optimized for iPhones, but does NOT assert that you're using an iPhone.

    Whether you choose to use the patch has no effect on site statistics. The final part of the string (which is used for site statistics) still says you're using a webOS device.
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    the iphone user agent patch does not register the phone to look like the iphone lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I'm sorry but if Palm tried their hardest to constantly update the Pre to be spoofed as an iPod to work on iTunes, there should be no problem if I want to spoof my browser as an iPhone browser.
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    What Browser Am I Running?

    Pull up this link on your phone to see what the sites know about you.. Not sure what piece of info they are gathering for the site statistics though.
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    when i pull that site up on my pre it says my vendor name is Apple Incorporated thats messed up and i have no patches on my phone
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