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    So, i actually wanted to try a theme for once because im yet to use one. So, i use preware to download this theme and install it. Do a Luna restart and now my Pre keeps restarting!...This is crazy. it wont even let me doctor it.
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    take the battery out.
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    Hmmm that didnt quite work....Thanks for the input though.
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    Try doing a full shut down after it restarts, then take the battery out. Did the theme install?
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    Well i cant even see if the theme installed...So pretty much im screwed....i tried using WebOs to revert themes but it wont let me revert themes....everything else is possible..
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    I just ran EPR...I really dont want to doctor and lose all info again!!!!!!....URGGGGHHH i hate this PHONE!
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    that should have installed "alex's red theme" (mine) jk
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    Yup...that theme basically ruined my phone......I ran EPR...but i can only get rid of the theme through Preware.If i cant get to Preware, then i cant get to the corrupt theme. And sorry Alex.
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    i have this theme also and my phones been restarting too but i never even thought of the theme causing the problem. hmmm that is very weird if it is.
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    looks like a nice trip to the doctor will solve that lol good luck. maybe you can check out this old thread and find something that may help you, but not sure since it was for 1.3.5, but ho knows maybe the info will be the same
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    Yup. That theme is horrible!...I will never install any themes again!..First theme i ever tried messed up my phone.

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