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    Hi all,

    just to get some advice here. This is a rather perculiar problem that i'm facing. The touchscreen was working fine for a while then just yesterday, it stopped responding.I tried this.

    a. take out battery then restart

    b. the keyboard restart R (+ the other 2 keys)

    I even tried doctoring it with webdoctor.

    However when I plugged the usb cable into the usb port - the touchscreen started working again...and i though i was home free...but when i plug it stopped working again lol.

    So what I did was speak to a Palm support person. They told me to get a replacement. Problem here is that I parallel imported it from Ebay, as it's not available in my no warranty.

    I'm planning to do a heart surgery on this device and was scouring for information.
    1. I can probably look at a. replaceing the digitizer from one in ebay.
    2. Replace the whole screen with LCD and digitizer which costs more.

    Does anyone know how to take out the connector from the digitizer to the board? - there is a clip that looks fragile and I'm not sure how it comes off
    ANy help would be appreciated.

    Was reading around that the palm pre - good design but the resilience of the h/w is not fantastic. I'm willing to give PALM a second chance....else i'd have to move to a moto milestone or droid. To me time is $$ and the phone needs to be reliable.
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    I would try the eBay seller you bought I from, not that it's likely to work, nor would it be easy. As you well know, you are in a unique situation. Good luck.
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    I do not expect the seller to help me in this since it's from UK..and I'm half way around the world. Who i can blame is palm.
    Was following their progress with webos...
    1. Screwed up with sticking with Sprint. (the smallest telco)
    2. Either it's poorly designed or just the Contract manufacturere / sources are screwed up. Been reading in the forum on poor construction / durability of the device. I can tolerate a webos that is not 100% - because it's a new OS, but not weak/prone to breakage hardware - which it seems palm pre is. Not sure on the Palm Pre Plus whether they "fixed" the hardware.
    3. Then they stuck to CDMA!!!!..who else besides smaller telco in US that is using CDMA, even here in Singapore - our CDMA network moved to GSM. Palm should learn the lesson of designing for the mass market rather then a niche.
    4. I personally feel that they should have focused on PIXI first. Easier hardware -no real moving parts..less sleek but the OS should win fans.

    I've been a palm user since the Palm double AAA batteries time, moved to palm V, then the Treo....the dissappointment when getting this poorly designed device.

    PALM CEO if you're reading this. You might as well get a BETTER sub-con to do your devices (which i think is too late) since you've 1mil in stock of Palm Pre's. Or just get acquired by Nokia or Samsung or LG..
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    I vaguely recall a teardown of the Pre from awhile back saying that the digitizer and screen were stuck as one unit. This was quite some time ago though, so I'd take it with a grain of salt.

    I too would recommend asking the eBay seller about it. If they are a reputable seller, maybe they'll offer a refund/exchange. If not, you could try your luck disputing the issue with eBay (wish you luck on that one).
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    ah thanks... webosrepair utility. Let me try it...see if it helps. I'm not a super techie person...most of the time doing work..and that was what the earlier palm os was good at.. Getting stuff done with minimal fuss..

    anyone tried the palm pre plus??
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    Ok tried the did replace stuff that was missing...but still no go... I suspect either the following
    a. when you plug in usb, the connector does something inside which initiates a response from webos...linked to usb connectivity. I guess the hardware portion is screwed up like what can happen with the headphone plug.

    b. I also noticed that now - I get that "LOCK" symbol / when no plugged to the usb - which in the past when the touchscreen ws working didnt happen.

    heck, i'd give it one more hardware tinker...before i do a wait and see until Palm Pre is more stable OR i just move to something else..Cannot wait forever for palm to get their act together.
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    i faced the same problem twice and got my pre fixed by the o2 support but obviously that is not an option to you.

    from what i read on these forums, this is a known problem. Some people have reported that applying some tape to the battery fixes the touchscreen as a lose battery seems to be the source of the problem in some cases.

    so try cleaning the battery connector and use a little cardboard/paper to see if it helps and if successful, increase the battery thickness with some tape.

    i hope this helps. I also am a long time palm user and was very disappointed with the new hardware while being in love with webos.

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