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    I've got a touchstone that has been having an annoying charging issue for a few weeks now. I can put my Pre on the touchstone and it makes the sound indicating that charging has begun. Usually the next morning when I go to get my phone, the battery has less of a charge than it did when I put it on the touchstone, like it hasn't charged at all.

    I've even tested reseating the phone on the touchstone, it makes the ring sound, but the charging status doesn't change. The only way I can get this working again is to perform a Reset on the Pre. I love my phone and have no plans to get rid of it except of a new WebOS device comes out, but this is starting to get really annoying to do again every week or so.
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    Different things can cause this; plugging TS charger into computer USB port to charge, not using a Palm wall charger, a defectivie USB cable, a defective TS charger, a defective TS back cover.

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