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    Hey If any1 know where I can an App that can make the Caller ID say the name out loud FREE???
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    Um....that doesn't exist on WebOS as far as I know.
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    That would be a pretty cool idea, but i wish palm works on their auto correct first to something like t9 or t10
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    isn't there a patch for custom ringtones per contact or somethin?

    for now, just record everyones name via ur pc mic and save as mp3.

    it's a b**ch I know, but it'll do
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    The Icon by Jawbone calls the numbers out for you of the person calling. Your request has been feature we have asked them to implment. I guess the problem would be if a person's name isn't in your contacts then it would just revert back to the number.
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    Not until someone creates an Instinct Emulation program.

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