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    Hey, I bought a broken Bell Palm Pre, tried to fix it but one bad move broke the LCD Screen,

    So, I was wondering if I would be able to buy a Sprint phone, Since they are cheaper then bell's Pre's on ebay and then change the motherboard from my Bell phone and just put it into the sprint Palm Pre,

    Are these 2 phones built the same on the inside?
    and Does the motherboard hold the ESN number and all that information the network would need to run.

    Thank you very much

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    Technically, anything is possible. But doing this would be a huge undertaking. It would be much better to just buy a working Bell Pre...
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    I can take apart the Pre and put it back together in 10 minutes, that is no probably for me, I'm just not sure where the ESN number is stored, My guess is the mother holds everything for the phone since I do not see anything else that would. but i just want to make sure.

    I bought a BNIB Pre 4 months ago with Touchstone for 175$, amazing deal,
    bought this phone for 80$, just the digitizer was broken, but i fuct up the LCD,
    So buying another phone for 80$ with a good screen I can transfer the motherboard and then sell the other phone for parts and get back some of my money,

    I did this about 20 times with a palm treo 680.
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    Wow. So out of my league. But if I had your mad skillz, why not try and get a Pre plus and work your motherboard magic.

    And when you learn how, let me know, and I'll pay you money to hook me up
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    now that would be great. But just like a computer I would think the motherboard on the (pre) wouldn't support more ram and storage.

    I will look into it though. Thanks for idea though.
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    If there is anyone out there that has taken apart a Verizon Pre Plus, Please take pictures and let me know.
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    Did Some research, This will not work since the Ram is built into the motherboard,

    I could probably use the mother board on a Verizon Plus, but it would still be the same phone I would think with no more ram and storage,
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    can't you find a Palm Pre screen replacement kit?

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