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    I love it dog hasn't tasted it yet!

    I use mine in the car to keep the pre from sliding around too much. It helps give a little extra friction so it won't slide around on the dash as easily, or in the passenger seat (especially helpful on my Elantra since it has leather seat which is slippery-er).

    I even use it to help my company afterhours emergency phone (a DROID) from slipping when using Google Navigation (free on DROID, but Pre apparently has to use VZ Nav...$10/mo.)...I figure, what's a friendly smartphone like the Pre gonna do when another smartphone is in need? He's gonna help his fellow smartphone, that's what!
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    I use the palm leather case, which is equally as awesome. The pouch hold my spare battery and external charger.
    Is the leather case good when you use earphones? It looked like you could not use the earphones with the case because of the way it fit in.
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    Bought my phone around halloween and it came with a Black/Orange pouch. They all this color or did i get the trick or treat Pre? I now use it for pocket change in the car.
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    Mine's black and orange, got it in December.
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    I haven't used that pouch since mid June 2009. I'm not even sure I know where it's gotten to. I have a belt case for my Pre. Never found the pouch to be of much use myself. Glad others have.
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