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    hey all, any ideas why my pre keeps freezing when i try to reply to an email....

    any ideas on why this is going on?
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    have you tried restarting your pre?
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    yes, multiple diff ways, including removing the battery and doing a luna restart, a java restart, the device restart ......
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    That was happening to me the other day, with Gmail. I installed the 800 mhz patch. Had problems for a day. All gone now. Everything is working perfect now. Did you install that patch? Just giving out some info.
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    nope i cant say i have installed any new patch, phone worked earlier today, then just started doing it with my gmail..... i uninstalled gmail, and re installed that email, and nothing still......
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    also where do i get the info/patch for the 800?
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    I have the same problem. Every time I hit reply it brings up the new card and freezes on the card. Any solutions to this?
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    the problem is you either have a multitude of email or you have not cleared out your trash email in a while . So go into your accouts and delete all trash bins in your email accounts and other unecessary emails and then restart phone and you should be fine. Remember deleteing email only throws it into the trash in the email account so you have to empty that account as well in order to truly delete the email. Hope this helps you out .
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    Or you could be seeing this bug that affects replies to long messages (workaround).

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