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    As I've read some threads about GPS working on the Palm Pre (but I'm very sceptical about this), does anyone know which version of Garmin should I download to give ti a go?
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    Where did you read that? I've never seen or heard anything about a Garmin version for the Pre
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    I too havnt heard anything about Garmin on the pre. It would be cool. My sprint Nav has actually helped me find locations that wouldn't show up on my garmin unit with it's updated software for addresses.
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    I think they must have been talking about getting bluetooth pairing working for handsfree calls.
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    there is nothing about Garmin on precentrel... However if you o
    go on Garmin site they have a smartphone gps that can be used all phones, however there is no info for Pre so I don't know. I'm sure they working on an app for that... Give it some time.
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    I have a Garmin nuvi 1490t and It syncs my Pre phone, contacts with no problems.
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    Vaguely remember reading Garmin no longer develops for third parties, but only for their own hardware. Let's see if something pops up next week...

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