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    I got my UK pre boxing day 2009, I was very with the lack of apps in general and the lack of paid apps. But over the last couple of months we have had the 1.4 updates some great homebrew apps such as the facebook chat patch and now the facebook 1.1.3 beta with notify. Also the free EA games Need for speed, Sims 3 and Monopoly. At this point in time am not even really bothered about paid apps as it has taken so long to rear its head.

    Does anyone feel the same, or are you still very excited about the paid apps coming 31.03.10
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    i'm pretty excited about it. I trade actively and could reallyuse topstocks full version.
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    I wonder how the pricing is gonna work and what payment methods will be accepted. Am hoping for paypal but I can guarantee it will be via Google
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    Paypal? Please don't....

    But more than looking forward to paid apps, I hope that Palm will eventually stop my Pre's GSM modem from crashing roughly once a day...
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    Had my uk pre since laucnh and cant wait for paid apps!
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    @greyfox since launch, you been waiting a long time than. Only a few days left, what paid apps are most people excited about?
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    I voted yes,however i would trade it for the random luna restarts to be a thing of the past!
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    had mine since launch aswell so happy i didnt go for the n97 or iphone hopefully the devs will have submitted a large chunk of the apps to the new app catalog!!
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    Are you kidding me? Not only am I excited about the paid apps we have now, I'm excited about the paid apps that we'll have a year from now.

    Don't forget that a) Before Apple, Palm was the smartphone with the largest app catalogue b) it has taken years for Apple's app catalogue to get this large. If Palm can survive, and thrive, then it will be very exciting to see what is ahead.
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    am looking forward to it just not as much as before and i doubt there will be any apps to float my boat. I do know it will take time for some greats app to be created
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    Holy hell! If Palm is taking paid apps international on 31.1.10, I'm much more excited about the time machine they invented than anything!

    (Sorry, had to do it)
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