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    Ok, so, I'll skip over the rant that goes on about suddenly finding myself in the middle of another tech crusade: underdeveloped hardware, limited software, and legions of well-intended third-party developers (is this about Joomla?). Summing it up: Palm needs to step up, in a big way. That said:

    For people in the UK - Over the past two days I've been diligently going through the Canuck pages, this forum, and getting all the Java apps to install things. At least 8 hours invested. NO dice.

    The Java things install, but I do not think the WEBOS quick install is entirely compatible with UK Pre's on 02. The result: Palm crashed hard and would not reboot after installing patches.

    Fact: When I finally decided to run Web OS doctor, the version linked on this forum is NOT compatible - I had to go through all manner of clicking to get the right one from Palm.

    Don't get me wrong, I love all the enthusiasm and interesting ideas people bring to bear. Perhaps a last bastion of unorthodox development. However, this is unfortunately yet another example of overhyped products that don't deliver. Sure, I'll stick with it because I would rather ****** with Drano than become part of the Apple clan, but Palm really needs to get with it. I don;t have a day to waste farting around with patches just so I can make the stupid thing do what it should in the first place.

    But UK users: be careful when installing all this stuff.
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    Both webOS Quick Install and webOS Doctor are fully compatible with o2 UK Pres. I've used both myself.

    webOS Quick Install isn't dependent on any particular carrier, and as long as you have the latest version you shouldn't have any problems.

    As far as I'm aware, webOS Doctor is now not carrier dependent either, and the one program works for all versions and carriers.

    You might be following out of date links on old posts here, but both pieces of software are fully compatible with o2 UK Pres and I've never had any issues. You're either following old or incorrect links or doing something wrong. I'd suggest rather than shouting off about Palm and having a rant, you could ask questions to allow people her to help you with whatever problems you're having? There are tons of knowledgeable people here that are incredibly helpful who should be able to get you sorted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brutal Kremlin View Post
    I don;t have a day to waste farting around with patches just so I can make the stupid thing do what it should in the first place.
    One man's trash is another man's treasure.
    If you want everything working out of the box, no questions asked, then the locked down system of the Apple clan IS the right choice for you.
    I totally agree with the vanilla flavor of this OS coming over as half baked, but since the system is open and free (and therefore indirectly encouraged) to be fiddled with, a nicely patched WebOS device eats the living hell out of any other smartphone out there on the market today.

    That being said, a rom cooker is in the works, so everyone can soon patch their doctor the way they like it and the fiddling part will be reduced to a onetime effort. But, TBH, patching my phone is just a hellotta fun to me and I know I can look forward to something next time I might have to visit the doctor.
    'til we meet again.
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    am a Uk Pre user and everything seems to work across the board, only issue is with paid apps but that will be sorted soon enough.
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    I've used WOSQI and doctor since launch with no probs,
    like steve said,make sure you're not using outdated
    versions,and read up if you're not sure what you're doing, but don't dis Palm for the sake of it!
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    I'm sorry to put this here - but I'm new and I can't figure out HOW the heck to add a new post/topic to this list?
    Can you please tell me how? I can't get anything to work on this phone!

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