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    i am tired of this touch screen not responding, all the hard button do work, but no touchscreen responsiveness. i can type in the Konami Code "upupdowndown......" and i can get to the on/off screen of Developer Mode, but how do i turn it on without touching the screen???

    for that matter, is Doctoring the phone a good idea? i am tired of not being able to answer the phone calls cause the screen is unresponsive. by the way, i have tried, soft re-starts, battery pulls at 10mins, 20 mins even overnight, and it just won't work anymore,


    by they way, does anyone know how to answer a phone call using hard buttons, instead of the touchscreen?
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    If your touchscreen is not working it does sound like a webOS Doctor could help. Follow the guide here:

    You can answer a call by sliding the phone open.
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    Do you happen to have the device temperature warnings patch installed?
    This first one Jason came out with made the phone basically unusable.
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    hit enter when calling or typing up an app or when typing up the developer code.
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    SpeedTouch: i have tried sliding the phone open, and no answer.......any more ideas??

    Demlor: i have no patches installed on this phone, this is a refurb relacement for another pre that had issues with the keyboard. as soon as i got this refurb, i updated to 1.4, and issues started.

    Sisamphex: i can type the code, hit enter, and the screen will pop-up, but i cannot turn in on or off, i need to touch the screen to turn it on or off, any suggerstions?
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    I thought call answering via the slider was a patch.

    Doctoring is certainly one option. To give yourself a completely clean slate, also do a full erase before or after the Doctor.

    After that, bring it back. It is a refurb, after all.
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    Colonel Kernel, thanks, i am actually doing webos doctor as we speak, i followed the steps provided by Speedtouch on the link
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    i give up, Webos Doctor keeps poping up an error message, "we were unable to reset your phone" i think i've had it with the Pre,m i mean it would be one thing if i was installing all kinds of patches and tweaks, but this is a fresh, clean pre....

    ...i just janked the battery out, cause it keeps saying the error message, and guess what... screen still unresponsive! i have the language menu, but can't move on cause i can't touch anything!!! now i am really messed up, i have no phone!! can't log in to make calls or anything!!!!! i think i messed up...

    i mean, what can be causing the error message on Webos Doctor??
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    are you running webos doctor with the volume up bootloader menu?

    also I would doctor to 1.2, just to completely wip everything of the phone.

    give it a final try (1.2) before you visit sprint store
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    i believe i am, i mean the steps i am following say to press the volume up button..... so on and so forth....

    i just have to find, webos doctor 1.2
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    when you place the phone in bootloader volume up button, does your palm pre have a blacked out photo of a usb symbol?

    that's when you know it's in bootloader menu
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    yes, it does show a usb symbol.... and now it is showing a downward arrow with a chip on the bottom, and that's where the WEBos Doctor i am running keeps showing the error message "we were unable to reset your phone" and even then, i take the battery out, turn on the phne, and i get a language menu, but when i go to select English, guess what, the screen is still unresponsive, no touch function...
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    A dead screen is a dead phone. If you do bring it back now, see if you can get a new one instead of a refurb. I have no idea if they will let you, but it's worth a try.

    Also, upgrade to 1.4 before leaving the area if problems crop up again so you can go back and show them.
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    Above all, relax.
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    hahaha... i am relaxed, the thing is, webos doctor 1.4 when it is re-installing everything, it stops at 56% and then pops up the message "we were unable to reset your phone" and that is the webos doctor i downloaded from palm website, i am going to keep trying and see what happens. and as far as the refurb, since i bought the phone thru best buy they too can't do **** wiout leaving me withut a phone for about three weeks since they have to send it to the repair shop.

    all the sprint stores in my area are closed, that's what sucks about living in a small town. hahahaha!!!
  16.    #16 Webos Doctor finally completed the re-install, and the phone reboots only to end up with the very same issue, touchscreen unresponsive. i give up. tomorrow i will go to sprint store and see if i can get a new phone, but rest assured i will be a HTC EVO user if Palm doesn't get their head out their 4th point of contact!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colonel Kernel View Post
    I thought call answering via the slider was a patch.
    Slide to answer is STOCK!

    Slide to answer w/ speakerphone is a patch. For when you're in a car and don't want to fiddle around and such.
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    ok, so a quick update: i got the replacement phone for the one that had the touchscreen issue....i am all happy and excited thkinking "this is it! this phone will work!".......and to my surprise, when i turn on the refurb i got as a replacement the first thing that pops in the screen in an error message: "Error, your phone has encountered an error that can not be recovered from" i was in shock!

    here i have two palm pres that are worthless!! so now i am on my third day without a phone and just waiting for yet another refurb.... i hope you all are having a much better expeience than me, because i do not know how much more of this i can take.....

    on the refurb i doctored it, and when it re-started, it had the same error message.
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