He probably bought the Storm for the same reason a lot of people wind up buying products they ultimately dislike. Everybody has one, it must be good!

Troll a bit more. Keep in mind that there's a lot of posts about broken phones, but very few say how those phones were cared for. Some do have legitimate complaints, but given I have a newer build, November, I haven't had a single one yet.

All the other posts in your thread are good. No one phone is going to do everything (not even the iThing), but the Pre does quite a bit very well, better than anything else I've played with recently. I got the Accuweather app, forget what it's called, new one. Paid for the ad-free version, I like it. Wish it were a bit more detailed, but heck, if I want to know if its snowing, I can stick my head out the door. Pile of snow on head means it's snowing. NFL, I haven't looked at lately, Sprint didn't renew their contract for the NFL app, I do know its changing to something similar.

App store wise, we have 1800 apps or something like that. There's a feed here on PreCentral that lists them all, authorized by Palm. Also shows all the homebrew apps available if you use WebOSqi and Preware, which I suggest checking out. Whether or not the apps work for YOU..........depends entirely on what you want. I've found enough of what I want for myself, the few things that aren't available yet, I can wait for, the rest have worked flawlessly. Can't say if there's much in there you'll like, or if you'll look at the App Catalog and go OMGWTFBBQ!!!! TIHS IS TEH AWESOME!!!1! and buy every single app available.

Worth a try. There are some negatives, they don't bother me at all, the overall experience is great. I've never had a phone that didn't have one or two things that absolutely drove me crazy. I'd still be on a phone from ten years ago if it'd been absolutely perfect.