Reasonably new member here, but a long time Palm investor.
So while I'm up in Canada eagerly awaiting either a carrier releasing a Pre Plus, or simply snagging an unlocked AT&T version, I decided to glance up the uncontracted price for Sprint / Verizon just to get a general idea of what I may pay.

I'm definitely well aware of all the BOGO promos thrown left and right, lots of great 2 year deals, etc mail-in rebate, Pixi etc. Yet, glancing over the uncontracted prices, the Pre is ridiculously higher than every other phone ($599 on Verizon // $549 on sprint for basic Pre). I was actually surprised to see the Pre costing more than a Droid -- not to mention rivaling the iPhone/Nexus One in cost.

Now I understand markups to make contracts more attractive, but that price would scare quite a few people away.

Nonetheless, what do you guys think about that? Now that I think of it, I should look up the uncontracted price in other countries *zips away*.