Since I couldn't edit the old poll, posting a new one.

Ok, so long story short, yes I'm still looking for a Pre, and I'm still dying for one.

With the Bell promo going on, I got really swayed towards it and was about to sign, even went as far as buying a phone from Fido to clear out my Fido dollars with them (some rewards credits that I collect from them). Only to find out that if I switch now, I'm looking at potentially up to 300 bucks worth of cancellation fees, consisting of a:

$100 Cancellation fee, Fido messed up up my end date and gave me two, today and tomorrow. So it's open, I might or might not get it, but if I get it on Monday it's sure gone.
$90 Data cancellation fee, this was for the 6GB data plan promo I got 2 years ago, still 1 year and a few months left in the contract
$68, for monthly service I will not get from them, due to their stupid rule of requiring 30 days of notice even for port out.

The plans, Bell's offer:
Free CDMA Pre 8GB, 200 mins (billed by minute), 9pm E-W, Unlimited text, CID, 500MB data
Free 6mos unlimited local calling, upgrade to 6pm (for several months maybe)
$47 + tax for 3 years

Fido's offer:
No phone, 200 mins (billed by second), 5pm E-W, 2500 text, VM, CID, 6GB data
$47.50 + tax for 2 years

Without either contracts, I'm paying upwards of $72 per month as my bill credits with Fido expired with my contract ending.

So I have two options: either get the Bell Pre and sign a 3 year, or resign with Fido for 2 years with no phone, then wait for the AT&T Pre Plus to be available and can be unlocked, or if Palm releases an unlocked Pre Plus.

I'll eventually get the HSPA Pre Plus though, it supports both networks, except that the Bell stores insist if I get rid of the Pre I'll lose the discount, but I heard otherwise from a rather reputable Bell rep over at HowardForums. Workaround would be a Verizon Pre Plus with modem swap.

So, please help this poor Canadian here and vote...