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    where in preware are they? And is it just a simple install from preware?
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    No, they aren't in Preware.
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    it is a simple install from webos quick install thhough.
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    So go into webos quick install and just "check" it and then install? that easy? i don't have to do anything special to my phone? which one is the safest?
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    this sounds easy! do i download the patch to my computer first or is it in webosquickinstall already? sorry to ask so many questions but this is the first time i've ever done anything like this. i don't want to mess up my pre!
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    Download the patch. Follow the instructions to install it with WebOS Quick Install. Since you don't have any to uninstall, you will send it to your Pre and then install it with the command line. READ the instructions first though.
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    where do i download the patch from?
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    The link is in the instructions. Read it carefully.
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    Read the installation thread carefully, and watch the installation video. If I could do it, anyone can, but the instructions need to be followed.

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