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    Hi all,

    Please could you tell me if there is a way to lock the ringer volume.

    It drives me mad that whenever somebody calls, my volume always seems to be turned too low for me to hear!!!!

    I like being able to alter the volume of the music player easily, but I wish that you had to go into the 'Sounds & Ringtones' prefs to avoid inadvertantly turning the ringer volume down all the time.

    Surely this can't be just me, but I've never seen anyone else complain about this!!! lol

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    oh my. My ringer switch has given me so much grief since 1.4. It's always low, or all the way down. You are not alone. I was wishing a patch to disable volume rocker as a way to alter ringer and only work inall other cases. The icons are different so I'm sure it's able to be done. Just a matter of who...
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    That would be excellent if someone could do that. Please Please Please!!!
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    I was just searchng for such a patch. I turn volume down while on a call. Then the ringer is down and I mis the next call!
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    This would be great!

    A bit odd, I have been cussing at this for many months, and have been on Precentral for half a year, but just decided to go on Precentral to grump about it today. And what do I find? A brand new thread about it... Must be a spring thing

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    do you have the no alert during calls patch installed? -- because ever since 1.4 it turns all of you alert sounds off during a call and never turns them back up -- this really made me mad for a little while til some one pointed it out

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    This is the closest I have come to finding a solution. I plan to try it tonight.

    This drives me crazy because I have to turn the volume down when I'm on a call (the headset is too loud) and then I forget to turn the volume back up until I've missed a couple of calls.

    Every Palm phone I've had kept the ringer settings separate from call volume.

    Talk about a oversight! This thread seems to have a good solution... it is a permanent link in the forum

    Here is another article about another solution:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    This is the closest I have come to finding a solution...
    Great, using those louder ones now, should help some. Thanks for pointing them out.

    Still seems everytime I handle the phone I reduce the volume .

    Maybe a little beep every time the volume was changed? At least I might know when it happened.

    AND: "If YOU APPRECIATE THE DEV'S RESPONSIBLE FOR WebOS-QuickInstall, PREWARE, and the 800mhz kernel PLEASE HIT THE DONATION BUTTON IN JASON R'S, RWHITBY's and caj2008 s SIGNATURES it is the least we can do to offset development cost to get project to this point Thanks !!"

    Yep, I've been doing it , especially Jason (sent around $30) about half the things I use on the phone are his.

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    +1 to this please.
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    +1 i really need this patch.

    could you achieve something similar with mode switcher?

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