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    i did doctor my pre yesterday, had some problems with mail and didn't get the linked'in synergy.

    Everything went well, followed the steps out the how to over here and everything went well! Finally!

    today i find something strange on my pre:
    • Mobile Hotspot Update
    • Palm dialog

    anyone has a clue?!

    i did google it and found somethings with in the same sentence: "palm pre plus" or "pixi plus"...
    what should I do?
    a roller with a palm pre...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomi666 View Post
    Hmm I guess you didn't, because if you follow the instructions on that page, you enter your S/N on a Palm page, and you will download a correct webos doctor for your device.
    weird it is...
    still didn't found any answer..
    a roller with a palm pre...
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    it's the same..
    i don't understand..
    a roller with a palm pre...
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    since my post here, 10:31 am, my pre is connected with my laptop by usb - i lost 48% of my battery life..

    could this be dealing with the above prog files?

    i also did check my device info:
    • version: palm webos 1.4.0
      config: world ready 1.2

    looks normal no?

    information about the apps:
    • palm dialog: v1.0
      mobile hotspot update: v1.0.6

    anyone get a clue?!
    a roller with a palm pre...

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