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    I dont know why but I was texting since 8:30am and my battery was still at 100%. I now opened forbes, nytimes, stitcher radio and the camera and after 3 minutes it went to 98%..

    Its so snappy and never gets warm. Good stuff guys
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    give it a week first then report back..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Young HoV 718 View Post
    give it a week first then report back..
    I've been testing for about a week, I can say that if the patch does create any battery loss it's minimal and it's very possible that a little more speed could improve battery life in some instances. Same concept as in cars and trucks, more power can often improve gas mileage (battery life). If an engine (processor) is underpowered it will use more gas (battery) to accomplish the same things because that underpowered engine (processor) is working harder.

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