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    And I think I've got a problem here, the keyboard doesn't light up at all??? Now I don't remember any of the other three having this problem!? Is there some sort of on off switch for the keyboard light that I may be over looking? Any help would be appreciated. And btw aside from this and quite a few dead pixels, I have to say that the slider is definitely the most durable feeling out of the four I've owned. Hopefully there is a simple fix for the keyboard, as I would hate to have to replace another. Even thoug there are quite a lot of dead pixels, I can still live with it, but I need my keys lit!
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    Wow, dude, my heart goes out to you.

    Sometimes the keyboard won't light up if the battery is low. Before you return your Pre try making sure your battery is fully charged. And try replacing the battery. If that doesn't work, then replace your Pre.

    And again, really sorry. Personally I'd understand if you were super ticked off, but if I were you, I'd keep returning until I got a Pre that's solid. They ARE out there. I can speak from experience.
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    Brightness isnt turned down to 0 is it lol?
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    Battery is fully charged, tried pulling it, and brightness turned all the way up has no effect on the keyboard. I'm guessing that it's broke, and despite the dead pixels I may just keep the phone as I seriously haven't felt one this solid feeling! I mean, not only does it slide a lot better than my previous pre's, but it just doesn't feel as cheap, or "plasticky". Thanks for the suggestions guys, I appreciate it. Maybe I'll keep it til hopefully Palm releases new's hoping that this Pre lasts! *fingers crossed*.

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