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    I'm wondering whether it's possible use a microUSB-USB adapter to plug other things in, and interact with the Pre. For example, plug in a flash drive loaded with music and have the Pre read it, or plug in a USB gamepad and use it with VBA advance.

    Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I'm not much of a hacker.

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    none of the stuff you mentioned would have a compatible plug and even if it did it wouldnt work
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    I am aware that the plug is different, but you could (hypothetically) use a USB A to micro adapter.

    My question was more about whether the USB port could be used to communicate with anything besides a PC/mac. If not, that's pretty much what I'd figured, anyway. Thanks.
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    Good question.. Im curious too as the storage is so limited with the pre. Im sure we'll get a "well why dont you plug in your USB to micro adapter and find out for yourself" comment but who knows maybe someone has tried it.
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    All the things you mention require the USB port to provide power. I don't believe the Pre port does.
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    I looked into this ages ago and the short answer (and summary of everything I found is) "no it'll never work".
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    The problem is, that the Pre has no USB-Host port and can only act as a USB Client.
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    Thanks... is that a hardware or software restriction?
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    I think its a Hardware restriction, as if it was a Software problem, it would have been solved for many other devices.

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