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    i wonder if they will ever implement the @name feature for statuses
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    wow! that was fast! downloading now....lets see how this goes!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jost View Post
    Is there any solution for the German WebOS users, yet? Version 1.1.2. is not working at all! I would like to be able to download version 1.1.1. again, until 1.1.2. is fixed.
    I have one workaround here. I switched to English and all was fine, back to German and the same disaster.
    So I cleared the German localisation from the application directory.
    You can make it via terminal app Terminas, a little awkward. Or you use WebOSQuickInstall to do this job.
    In the Linux CommandLine you have to put in:
    rm -r /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/
    Than all should be OK, the notifications take 2 or 3 tries for the first time.

    Note, after an update you have to clear it again, until the localisation is fixed.

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