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    So check out this thread. Go ahead, I'll wait.

    What's with everyones' obsession with Faster, Faster?

    I really don't understand it.

    Close your eyes and pretend the Pre has a 2ghz processor. NOW what programs/accessories/abilities do you want?? Those are the things we need to be clamoring for as a group, because everything else is going to come.

    The speed is going to come; barely a year out and we have an 800mhz patch? That's phenomenal. We have the Plus variants of these phones that add in more ram. Again, phenomenal.

    And expected.

    Yet people keep harping on speed, as if that changes the way I use the device.

    I feel like for every person that has a Pre and really gets what makes it great, there are two people who have a Pre and like it, but have no clear idea why; part of that is due to the genius of WebOS--the simplicity of the interface hides what makes it great (Apple gets points for this too, although these days they are trapped by their design)--and part of that is the lack of genuine curiosity from the userbase.

    Referring to the thread I linked above, the issue I have is the mindset of "Give me." This is the cry of the tech-generation that Apple has bread, which is the real reason so many people can't stand the company. They do so much good, but for as much good as they do, they leave so much bad, so much waste by changing expectations, and they change expectations so much that each and every industry they enter gets changed (by its user-base) as a result. That user-base includes regular folk, tech heads, journals, et al.

    For instance, convincing people that not only is multitasking not something they need in a phone, but that it is also bad, also a negative. See this post on engadget. Go ahead, I'll wait:

    Entelligence: Mobile Multitasking is Mostly a Myth -- Engadget

    Look at this shameful, shameful gadget critic, bringing shame on all those around him with his shameful shamelessness. Wash out your eyes and come back.

    I'm not saying the speed patches are bad, not at all (and I feel I must clarify this before someone misunderstands, then tries to change the argument into something easier to discuss), but these patches should not be the focus of the masses. Now, I'm also not saying "thou shalt not want"--not at all--but wanting more/bigger/faster does not equal wanting BETTER, not necessarily anyway.

    There is so much talk on these forums about helping palm which is great. Everyone doing what they can, that infectious spirit--it's fantastic, honestly; some people make commercials and some people tweet those commercials and some people run blogs and some people gather together to email developers and the media and ask questions.

    All of this is helpful. Very helpful.

    Some people program and make patches that make the news and these patches and applications help your every-day user do every-day things that much more efficiently. Some people build and maintain infrastructure to get these patches and programs out to the public, and that is great too. Some people, through their technical know-how (either long established or learned on-site when they got the Pre) have really expanded on the device as a whole.

    All this is helpful too. Very helpful.

    And yet there are those who arn't quite sure how to help, so they ask for things. This is sort of helpful too; it gives developers an idea of where to go. I asked Jason for a patch that combined a lot of his previous work and added in the ability to use the flashlight from the drop-down menu. The result were a big splash, the marriage of tech know-how and idea.

    I don't have a lot of know-how, I've just used a lot of devices. Like a LOT of you, actually. I've been around because I'm a tech *****, but I'm sure many, many of you are just as tech-whorish if not more so (don't be coy, baby).

    We don't really talk about ideas all that much on this forum. The patch forum is for patches, the app forum is for apps, sure, but this forum can really be about anything in between, and it sort of isnt.

    We all got excited for the Evo, myself included, but what came from it sort of disgusted me: "Put WebOS on this hardware." Bleh.

    I get the idea, don't get me wrong. And truthfully, if it sold well and got Palm out of this financial crevasse, then I'd be all for it. Call it the Palm Brick, for all I care. Sure, it would completely forsake a hardware keyboard. And the ability to be operable one-handed, which is a large reason cards do well on a Pre- and Pixi-sized device. And it would be huge, meaning that to use it one-handed, it would really have to be used in your palm (heh). And Palm would have to create a software keyboard comparable to the iPhone's or Android's--something that's very hard to do, especially for a small company that took forever to get a proper facebook app out the door, a no-brainer app existing in several iterations on other platforms already. But hey, if it sells, build it.

    Still, I'd hope that the Palm 2 (and Pixi 2) is much more than just a faster and shinier version of the phone we have right now.

    I'd also hope that Palm isn't out of ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stihl View Post
    but wanting more/bigger/faster does not equal wanting BETTER, not necessarily anyway.
    That's what she said....

    JUST KIDDING! Great post. I agree. And I don't think Palm is anywhere close to being out of ideas.
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    LOL Yeah I think Palm's got a lot of tricks up their sleeves just yet. I'd bet solid cash that if they had twice the developers working, we'd already have an answer on device for Microsoft Hubs, which, really, is a very WebOS-era Palm idea.
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    I agree with a lot of what you said. I truly believe that webOS is the best mobile OS out there. That doesn't mean squat, though.

    Imagine if you were running Windows 7 on an ancient machine that didn't even meet the minimum requirements. Would you be happy with your experience? Probably not. It's not the OS' fault, it's the hardware that ruins it.

    The fact that webOS is soooooo smooth at 800MHz really proves what a viable OS it is. What we want is webOS running on hardware that does it justice. 4.3" screen.... that's a matter of personal taste. But bringing the speed up to snuff is something that just can't be argued with. The only hang-ups would be battery life and overheating, neither of which is an appreciable concern.

    I could do without a huge screen, HDMI ports, 4G, and all those other bells and whistles that are envied by... how can I put this... individuals who are easily separated from their money. But Palm needs to deliver a phone that is 99% lag-free under average operating conditions if they want to gain market share.

    We see the difference between OS, apps, and hardware. But we have to remember that Joe Sixpack sees all three of them together as "that Palm phone" and if the hardware is not up to snuff, they're going to think "Palms are too slow."

    This is all MHO, and I'm interested to hear more of your ideas.
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