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    orange+sym+r works but I sometimes forgot the sequence. Power button and toggle ringer switch is my preferred. I hate removing the battery. The pre + feels solid usually when closed but removing the battery always makes me nervous. I get worried something in the case will buckle.
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    Had my phone since November 2009, and I think I've done it one time.. When changing Kernels and the phone was hooked up to webOS QuickInstall and I think I screwed something up myself personally.. But that's about the only time. Much MUCH MUCH better than a Windows Mobile phone where I had to do it at least daily.
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    once or twice when i screwed up installs lol seems to be a going trend here.
    well besides when i swap in 2nd battery of the day that is, i have actually been getting by with just one a day lately though
    Palm prē-ist.
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    Three or four times, I think. Only because I jacked it up trying to install/uninstall a kernel or something
    Time to get VIRAL
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