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    Quote Originally Posted by -Gamah View Post
    if you state an opinion that disagrees with a majority, you can't expect it to be accepted.
    The issue at hand was a claim that was unfounded in reality. It has nothing to do with whether it's a majority or a minority opinion.
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    This guy's just mad his wife got fired, so now he blames it on Palm.

    Suck it up buttercup!

    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    I think these issues are severe enough to release 1.4.1 very soon after 1.4, the same way 1.3.1 was released about a week after 1.3

    Am I the only one who thinks so?
    Also, wanted to remind you that you asked us if we share your thinking...
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    I agree that Palm should not have rushed 1.4 but this different, they need to fix thhese issues though and not wait long. I know of at least one person dropping the device because of the update and you know what the rule is, for every one you know there are 10 you don't know
    ...And at least one I don't want to know
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    Apparently my random guess was wrong, oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by htabbach View Post
    That is what your simple mind thinks. My objective was to start a conversation with smart people, not you
    I am a little confused....if your object was NOT to get into this type of "discussion", why do you continue to respond. As the almighty VP of anything, shouldn't you just be big enough to let it go? Just my humble opinion....
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