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    My Pre has been abfab since I got it, but it has now developed a really annoying sound issue, in that I can't hear any video, youtube or radio (wether youtube, radio, accuradio etc is running on 3g or wifi).

    It can't be the speaker as my alarm, system sounds, phone ringtone and speakerphone works perfectly. I've tried resetting and numerous power downs to no avail.

    My Pre is not running anything other than standard issue Palm stuff.

    Anyone got any ideas as to what it could be? It's doing my nut in!

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    ok. found out the answer by playing a bit more with the phone, including using the headphones in the jack point. I've found out how to adjust music volume without the side volume controls reverting to the ringer volume and only adjusting that.

    Orange button + Shift + side volume control brought up music volume control instead of ringer control.

    Now I can adjust all volume settings happy days!
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    While you are playing the music in youtube or the music player you should be able to just hit the volume buttons on the side of the Pre and adjust the sound level as well.

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