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    I'm probable going to get the Pre from Sprint this month (have done much shopping and deliberation). A big reason for this choice is I have some critical (to me) Palm OS software that I can run through Classic.

    With Classic, can I desktop synch through a USB cable, or do I have to bluetooth?

    A year ago I inadvertantly bought a 64 bit Vista OS laptop (if I had known better, I would have stuck with NT 32 bit), and had to start synching my Palm TX through bluetooth, which is slow and a major pain. I haven't been able to synch for 3 days now because, despite numerous reboots, the com port is tied up by "something", and I can't get through, so I was hoping their would be a way, even via a 3rd. party application, to synch the Pre via cable.

    My Blackberry Pearl still synchs just fine via the USB cable ~ fast, easy, convenient, and the phone is charged and ready to go every morning. I'd stay with Blackberry but the Palm TX is dying, and I'd like to inegrate my Palm OS programs into the phone.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can sync via WiFi or Bluetooth.

    You can also export your old data files, and use the USB cable to dump them into the Classic install directory.

    Also, Classic comes with Goosync, so there is yet another way to sync data.

    Classic has some great features - you can use your network, so Google Maps works, probalby can get Opera running fine, etc.
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