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    Im about to be on my third pre. The first one I accicently dropped and broke. I waited two months til I got an upgrade available on another phone and got me another one. I had it for two days. I took my wife out to a local club to hear the band one Sat night back in early Dec, and she got her Blackberry stolen by leaving it on the table for about 2 min while she was away. That Sunday morning, she had my pre. Three days later, she took it back and got the Samsung Moment, which I hate, and has had it ever since. We have another upgrade avail April First, which ive been waiting patiently for, and HTC announces the EVO to come out in Summer. So I bought me another Palm Pre off Ebay just so I can have a phone and am currently holding out til summer for the EVO. Dont get me wrong, I LOVED the palm but EVO has some strong specs for me to NOT want it. The phone will be a beast, and if Palm came out with a phone similiar in specs, I would go with the Palm . But until they do, Im waiting on the EVO. My biggest issue with the Palm was the app catalogue. It just didnt have enough GOOD apps that I could use. There were a few, but none that was just awsome. How have the apps come along? Seems like Palm is moving a little slow in the app market. Second, is the app catalogue still in Beta, and if so, anyone know why? Its been almost a year now.
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    Wow!!! That's way too much freakin' information. You haven't gotten a response because no one wants to read that big of a paragraph. Let me help you.

    "I use to have a Pre. I didn't like the Beta Apps and Catalog. I recently came back to Palm. Have the apps improved and are they still Beta?"

    I guarantee you would not have needed to bump your own post if it read like that.

    To answer your question, it is out of beta and there are some really amazing apps. Try anything from Gameloft, you will love it. Also I would suggest getting Preware and delving into the homebrew community. The apps in there are great as well.
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    Get the "preware" app on your phone. It will give you access to thousands of great apps, themes and many other goodies. I also suggest visiting Pre Central every chance you get. I was wanting more from my Pre until I became a member, now I can't get enough!
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    I'd just like to point out that you seem to have a run of bad luck with several expensive devices. Perhaps the Sprint TEP would be a wise investment. The $100 deductible is probably less than the eBay unit you bought or the upgrade you burned on that other line to replace your Pre. Not to mention you actually get to save your upgrades for upgrading.

    The Evo looks great, but it's unclear if you'd like it since you don't like the Moment. Go play with a HTC Hero and a T-mo Nexus One. The Evo will be a combination of those two devices with even more fancy goodness.
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    Wait..........she left her theft-prone phone on a table in a bar? Does she do that with her purse?????

    Assuming you got your Pre at launch, there was, what, 32 apps? We're over 1800 now just in the offical App Catalog. More, if you get Preware. Granted, those can be considered beta apps, but I have yet to find one that didn't perform like it was supposed to.
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    The developer community is working hard to try & get the webOS "fart app" count up to iPhone levels asap

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