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    Usually while i sleep my phone will drain like 10-15% at night. After the 800mhz patch i only lost 1%. So seems to make a difference for me too.
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    My pre has a name.
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    you should actually make sure the phone is running at 800 mhz all the time
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    Running at 800 MHz since last night. Took it off the charger at 5:45 am and after 8 hrs charge is at 72% on the stock battery. Total talk time during this period was 35 min (10 calls), light browsing 10 - 15 min (WiFi is always on), email retrieval every hour. Have not encountered any heat problems, and battery discharge seems about the same as 600 MHz patch.

    Palm, his should have been the standard processor speed!!

    Great work, fellas! Is 1000 MHz far off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zen00 View Post
    How many people here would consider being part of a statistical study (done by me for my Stat 221 class) to determine what the battery life difference between a stock Pre and 800Mhz Pre is?
    lol I'm taking that exact class right now. I done a project just the other day of reading score averages of third graders at a school I work at.
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    It seems I've had the opposite results. Took it off my charger at 8:20 am. Went for a 40 minute run with music and GPS active. Phone was completely dead by 10:20 am. Hoping it was a fluke and another full charge will make life good again. This is with a stock battery btw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laelipoo View Post
    My pre has a name.
    Do you have a typewriter named McGee perchance?
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    Battery Monitor reports
    19.5 hours off the charger, down to 75%, 1.23%/hr drain, 60hr remaining, stock battery.
    Going to get pretty bored if I keep doing the standby test, so I'll start using it more
    and see how it holds up.

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    Here is some results that I logged last night. Charged up to 100% via PC using the USB. Took it off after it read 100% (about 5 minutes after). Went to do some work (I work at a hospital, so I do not always have reception, or it is roaming). This was at 1 AM. I did a little surfing, facebooking, Preware, etc. Left WiFi on, and closed the slider and put into my hip holster. Looked at it at 6AM, and I was at 87%. So 5 hours off the charger and a drop of 13%, roughly about 2.6% drain per hour. And I have to say on day 2 of the 800MHz patch, and I am still seeing about the same as 500MHz with the same style of use that I exhibited before. So not too bad at all. Oh yeah my heat has not gone past 32C.

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    I have been beating on my Pre all day with serious battery improvements seen, no heat issues, and loving it. My battery would have been dead by now, and I have 60% remaining.
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