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    Hi everyone. I recently had a hardware issue that has forced me to get a replacement Pre. Since my old Pre is nearly a launch Pre, I haven't had to struggle with a replacement for a while, where I had to back up my USB drive contents, and knew that other items would be lost forever

    Since then, I know that numerous updates have increased the range of items backed up through the palm profile, and certain homebrew methods have come up that make it easier.

    Unfortunately, searching for "backup" didn't really turn out too well. Can anyone give me a heads up on what should be backed up, what will automatically back up to the palm profile, and what I expect to lose?

    Thanks in advance.
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    No help? Maybe if I start a thread complaining about how much it sucks having to manually back up everything and guess as to what actually gets backed up, I'll get more replies (not that I do; I really appreciate the "cloud")
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    You will lose text messages and call history, as well as any homebrew you may have installed.

    Back up anything on the USB portion of the phone. Pictures, movies, music, etc.

    Contacts, accounts, OFFICIAL apps, memos, etc are backed up. So are the number of launcher pages you made, as well as the position of the apps.
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    You will lose all of your settings and speed dials.

    All contacts that you manually linked previously we be delinked. (a major pain in the ****)

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