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    my standby button is on its way out. Anyone know how to easily replace the thing? I really can't be bothered to exchange my phone, i'd much rather just take it apart and replace the switch mechanism myself! Lol any help or advice is greatly appreciated
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    Another thread metioned to take the tab off with a small screwdriver and put a little piece of rubber band in the hole and replace tab. Worked like a charm for me. Search forum for broken power button.
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    spot on! Legend, thankyou problem solved
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    Good deal. Find mine works even better now.
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    my power button went out today too and this worked like a charm...and yes it works better now than it ever did.

    yay for a piece of paper in the battery and a piece of rubber under the power button. lol
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    A small piece of a pencile eraser also works well, I did mine over 6 months ago and it still works great.

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