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    I have a Verizon Pre Plus. Love the phone - until yesterday.

    Yesterday, it would call every phone except my husband's. And take calls from every phone but my husband's. Before you make the obvious snide remarks - once we started testing it, he was sitting next to me.

    We could both call our home phone fine. We could call any other number fine. When I called him, I heard a ring and it took me to his mailbox, but his actually phone never rang. When we looked in the log, no missed calls and no messages in the inbox.

    Restart didn't help.

    When he called me, the same thing would happen. No ring, missed calls, no messages in my inbox.

    Both phones showed the outgoing calls in the log.

    I've never seen anything like it. Our signal was low, but we were getting everybody except each other. It was snowing (yuck) but, again, we could call everyone else and that doesn't explain the missing entries in the logs.

    The phones work fine this morning.

    Anyone have similar experiences?
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    Are you both on Verizon, both with Pre's?

    I've had this happen a few times in the past, but rarely. I was able to call my home phone from my Pre (and my Treo before that) without a problem, but calling my cell on Sprint from the home phone would result in the exact same thing you got. Straight to VM, phone never rang. I Verizon and see if there was a transfer problem on their end. The two of you sitting right next to each other isn't a factor, you're not skipping the series of towers and connecting directly phone to phone, you still have to connect to Verizon's network via the nearest access point to verify a valid number and service.
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    We are both on the same Verizon family plan (and have been for 10 years). I have a Pre, he has a non-data phone. We've never had problems.

    It was a very odd switching error, but it lasted for at least 6 hours.

    I noticed it when I locked myself out in the wet snow and called him to get a key. He was a block away and I called 5 times, but he never picked up. I figured he hadn't heard, but when I walked over, there was no indication the calls had ever gotten through. When we both got home, we tested it over several hours, with the same problem each time and in both directions.

    Missed calls I can understand. The lack of any record for the incoming call or any message saved in the inbox is really odd. For a while, I wondered if my speed dial had gotten reset to the wrong number, but I checked and it hadn't. And as I say, it works fine this morning.

    I will report it to Verizon, just so they can see what happened. I can also check my on-line call log.

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