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    Hi everybody,
    i got my pre ten days ago and i just love it!
    Though, my pre doesn't connect to mobile internet (umts/gprs?) any more - until today i have been able to switch it on simply by activating "data roaming" (translation might not be correct for I'm using a german device) and a "3G"-icon next to my radio reception indicator (thank you, dictionary) would point out that i was having internet connection.
    Since this morning, the icon doesnt appear any more and consequently, I'm not getting any internet on my pre - how lame is that? I've bin trying to figure this out for hours, but I dont seem to get my internet back :-(
    did i set something up the wrong way when i was completely wasted the other night and dont remember what it was?

    thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    [EDIT] P.S.: Flight Mode is off! [/EDIT]
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    Having the 3G icon doesn't necessarily mean you can get data access while roaming, here in the States I can roam on Verizon for data service, but what I get is limited compared to my home network. I honestly don't know how that works with GSM phones, assuming that's what you're on.
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    Unfortunatly, I can't tell whether my Pre is a gsm phone because I dont know. I just can't figure a reason why my cell isn't willing to let me have access to the wonderful world of mobile web any more...
    ... does anyone else?
    By the way, what das the 3G icon mean anyways?

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    3G supports data transmission. 2G (kindof a misnomer, there's no such thing) supports basic services only, like voice and text. Germany has both GSM and CDMA carriers. You can look up your service provider and see which service you have. Probably GSM.
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    If it's a German Pre it will support GSM (for telephony), GPRS/EDGE for data and UMTS (for both voice and data).

    If your Pre shows G (=GPRS) or E (=EDGE) it's currently using GSM with GPRS or EDGE data services. If it is showing 3G it is using UMTS for voice and data services. All German carriers operate both GSM/GPRS/EDGE and UMTS networks simultaneously, the Pre chooses 3G if coverage is available.

    You did not state on which network your Pre is running on. If it is supposed to work with that network then I'd contact Palm with your problem.

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