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    I'm having a weird issue with my pre. On some websites, when I click on a photo it will act like it is downloading the pic but when it finishes the browser just shows a blank/white screen - it won't display the pic. Any ideas what's going on?
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    Go Preware or WebOs Quick install to patch the issue. Palm recently reduced the image resolution with update 1.4
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    Sorry, I'm a newbie. Can you elaborate? By installing preware or webos quick install, does that patch/fix the issue or does that allow me to download and install a patch from somewhere to fix the issue?
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    webos quick install: A windows app that sits on your desktop/laptop computer and allows you to install apps and patches.

    preware: A webos app that sits on your phone and allows you to install apps and patches. Of course you need webos quick install first or you won't be able to install preware onto your phone in the first place.

    I'm guessing Jason Black knows of a patch that fixes your issue. You'll need at least webos quick install, and you'll need to have Jason or somebody else come back and specify which patch you need (I have no idea).

    Please slowly and carefully read all the instructions in the first post of this thread:
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    Thanks, your explanation helps. I have searched all over trying to find more info on this issue and a potential patch... Can't find a thing. All help is appreciated.
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    Anybody else?

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