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    My Pre (WebOS 1.4.0) is showing a pretty strange behaviour since a while: After disabling bluetooth it turns totally crazy, starting to do gestures all over the screen BY ITSELF. It also called some of my contacts without me doing anything, which is -without a doubt- totally unacceptable and anoying

    Nevertheless, it took me hours only to figure out the source of the problem, because this failure took part in sporadic intervals without any specific external impact and therefore wasn't reproducable for me for a long time.

    However, Palm user's have always been tough (and patient ?), so I successfully ignored this issue for a couple of month (yes, you have to be a real Palm geek to stand it for that long time

    So, let's come to the point and what I already tried respectiely what I was able to figure out so gar:

    This behaviour looks like somebody is controlling the device remotely, but happens even if I turn of 3G and WLAN. I also checked in terminal if there are any strange login attempts, connections oder processes running in the backgrund - but neither nor. I used the internal diagnostics tool to determine if the hardware and everything is working fine and couldn't find any irregularities. The only way to stop this effect is to turn the device off and wait, until it calms down (which might take something between 2 to 30 minutes) or to do a reboot.

    I also tried removing all patches in context with the device's hardware like Netstat daemon etc - but no success. I also got in touch with OČ support in germany and the Palm support (chat) in the U.S. and they couldn't give me any hint, either. According to them, I should send the device in to get it checked by the service team. But for me it doesn't sound very amazing to give my Pre away for 3-4 weeks (yes, that's the time it takes to check the device. No fixing, just checking...)

    Does anyone of you guys have the same issue or any idea how to resolve this issue ? Might other nearby Bluetooth devices cause my Pre's bluetooth doing these strange things ?

    Thanks for any hint or advice in advance.
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    It's a hardware issue.I had it and i had to send my pre back to palm to be fixed.they can only ship within the uk and i returned it and they took about the 7 days they suggested to return i will be checking to see if the problem has been solved.did you get parts of the screen being unresponsive at the site where the ripples/phantom touches occurred.The most annoying part is where the phone calls out to people.there are a few threads on this topic with even videos of this for phantom touchscreen activation and you should get them.Also another thread names touchscreen goes crazy is another i believe.But unfortunately it all boils down to returning the phone

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