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    I have never had loading issues, message issues, or general network connection problems before webos 1.4, but NOW :
    my fone suffers from slow loading apps, texts never recieved, and atleast once a day for the past 3 days, my phone hasnt loaded any contacts, speed dials, apps, etc. Plus, the top left where it usually says "Sprint" goes "Phone Offline" and the bars disappear... It aggrivates me, and i went to the sprint store so the rep went in the back and plugged it in for 30 mins for something (dont know exactly what she did) and said it should be fine after i told her my messaging was becoming an issue. So after the whole reset or whatever she did, i still havent gotten texts from certain people, (not all), and I am still not able to reinstall tweaks and such. any suggestions people? I am getting a new phone come summer (i think people know what i am referring to) but i want to get the most out of the palm pre in my last few months with it. thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like you definitely need to use webOS Doctor on your phone.

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