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    hey everybody. Tomorrow I'm going to florida and I'm planning on bringing my ipod and palm pre to entertain me on the long 20 hr car ride. Once I'm in florida, were going to be leaving our van parked for 4 days and I can't bring my ipod or phone with me. So my question is do you think my ipod and phone would be alright sitting in a hot car in southern florida for 4 days? What are the chances that something will get damaged? I mean I don't think that it will melt at 110 degrees but idk if it will damage it either.
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    You should be fine...But if your concerned, pull out the batt...
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    Pull the battery and keep it out of direct sunlight. You'd want to do that anyway, leaving it anyplace the sun can shine on it for that long is just an open invitation to somebody else enjoying your stuff..........
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    yeah I was planning on taking out the battery and putting it under a seat. Maybe I'll wrap it in a t shirt too idk. I was just making sure because 20 hours is a very long time to be sitting there with nothing to do.
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    Alphabet game?

    Given that you're not going to be using your Pre once you get to Florida, I'd suggest one co-vacationer with the best coverage bring their phone, and everybody else leave theirs at home. There's not much point to risking damage or theft just to entertain yourself for a short time. Besides, I'd be pretty bummed if I had a vacation planned with good friends, and they all ignored me on the trip in favor of Tetris.........
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    true. I might just bring my ipod. It seems more resiliant. Well I'm all for socializing and what not but there is only so much to talk about in the car for that length of time!

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