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    for the first day there were 500 plus people tweeting and posting to their status updates. i took it a step further by posting in various social sites comments sections, and strategically placing fan made web os commercials on myspace and facebook fan pages. needless to say it was fun. i hope we can all get a couple of web os users we know to do this on the 8th and 15th as well to triple the number of outgoing tweets and status updates. and get them to find 2 more friends to add ect, ect. this was really fun and i look forward to doing this again on the 8th and the 15th with an official twitter hashtag to go along as well. if you use facebook become a fan of this group Welcome to Facebook | Facebook look forward to seeing your tweets and status's
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    YES, I got on the front page of endgadget with that beautiful commercial thiesFX made. Sadly they didn't mention the viral campaign or the contest for user created commercials. But with the amount of traffic through endgadget I would still call this a success and if thiesFX doesn't mind, officially use his commercial for the next viral days on the 8th and 15th
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    I think forgetting to include #palm and #pre hashes made the campaign almost moot - People see the phrase - dont know what it is - and ignore it. Also - if you were trying for a trending topic you'd have needed these keywords too - I dont think massive phrases make it in? Also - viral campaign with the winner of the WebOS palmspot contest would be kool too - just include those hashes and a youtube link!

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