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    So, sorry to say, but Iīm probably not gonna make it to get to work on another clip this week as I was planning on. I have some work on a movie project of mine going on this week. Itīs been in the pipeline for quite some months now and thereīs a good chance we can finally get it all shot this week.

    Also I think thereīs a saying thatīs quite true here: "if youīre good at something, donīt do it for free". Iīve done my part for promoting Palmīs webOS even more than I couldīve ever thought of doing. But itīs up to Palm to make something out of it or leave it be. Companies are throwing out millions of dollars for their advertising. So why should I work for free and give others the benefits?

    Donīt get me wrong I did not turn greedy all of a sudden, but itīs just a bad idea to work for free in this kind of field when everyone around you is apparantly cashing in as much as they can for the same thing. If Palm really wouldīve contacted me to work with them on a new concept for their ads, Iīd be more than willing to contribute as much as I can. But Iīm not giving in to any illusions that they ever will. After the dust has settled my little clip will be one in a million small one hit wonders on youtube. Itīs not going to change the grand picture.

    We know Palm took notice of my clip, they more than once send the link via twitter, but thatīs probably all there gonna be.

    So, Iīm glad that I could do something to help put webOS a bit more into the spotlight and Iīm glad I can participate in the ongoing webOSroundup video contest. Iīm eager to see what everyone else is coming up with for the contest, some nice videos have been posted the last days!

    So letīs see where we stand, when the contest is over as Palm is watching that as well (at least theyīre sponsoring as I understand).
    Good for you, Heth.
    I think Palm has enough 'volunteers' doing their work for them.
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    Thats what she said.
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    Such a great video!
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