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    Very Very Cool!

    What we do in life echoes in eternity.....

    "Four things come not back:
    the spoken word,
    the sped arrow,
    the past life,
    the neglected opportunity."
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    Quote Originally Posted by heth View Post
    Yeah I noticed engadgetīs posting, very nice! Their German counterpart also brought up the story, which is cool! Also O2 Germany twittered about the video, at least we get some good webos coverage now! That together with the viral twitter / facebook slogan gig from yesterday shouldīve done some good for Palm.

    There are some cool ideas here already posted, I like the James Bond approach But I also think in keeping it simple we can better play our strengths. Without any really good native English speaking actors, I wouldnīt wanna shoot another ad. It would just distract from the general point. I think maybe we should do domething similar to my first clip to raise attention in the first half of the clip and then switch to an iphone-esque style commercial where we see the pre upfront and only a finger doing the gestures, showing of multitasking, notifications, flip the phone, play 3d games (NSFU), all those things we really like about webOS. Maybe a mere 45 seconds in total, the ending probably something similar to what Iīve done already with the card-style logo exits and the short Palm logo... Something along those lines.
    I was thinking the same thing as the others that "teaching" people about webOs is the way to go. But after reading the comments and watching the spot several times I think you had the right approach. We need a WOW commercial. This commercial makes you think "ok, what was that!" The only thing I would change is maybe a little more meat in the scenes you showed, which is something we can definitely help with.

    Regardless, even if you didn't change a thing, this still provides a wow factor missing from ALL other palm adverts.
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    Okay, here's something to include that'll get a gamers attention:
    Show the cards and multi-task between a game, phone, and texting. This is something no iPhone can do!
    Show someone playing a game, then interrupt him with a text, then go back to the game...
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    Hey look, for a spot that was made for FREE, it's truly AMAZING!

    I don't work in marketing, but I work with a lot of marketing, and you nailed it. Well done. Really nice job.

    And if your doing another one, I would totally show some 3d gaming and maybe some different music. But I don't want you to get in any hot water with copywrite, so do what you can.

    But really great great job my friend. I know marketing, I know what they're thinking right now. Even though they won't say it, they're thinking 'We're the professionals here, who do you think you are kid' But they have to, at the very least, appreciate the simplicity with which you were able to show off one of the main selling points of the phone.

    The cards metaphor is truly one of the great assets of the phone and you sold it simply and powerfully. Well done.
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    Great Ad: Here are some Ideas. I think a series would be good. Make a series. This would be the first. The second one will start with a 3d game playing, pauses it, looks at the weather, their calendar, then be browsing a local paper with the same effect you did using the pre, using the apps to find a place to travel to, Then middway through the commercial a map application is used locate the place, sends a text to a person to meet them there, updates facebook, tweets, then commercial ends.

    Third series... is just a continuation of the meeting with coordinating schedules and facebook updates

    Great ad! Love it!!!!
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    Valid point. I think thatīs one of the most important features to show. Have the pre run NFSU in widescreen, make it show a text message notification, dismiss it and keep playing, than incoming call, answer that, check the text message or something else of contextual relevance and then return to the game. I think the spot "Dad" thatīs also in the current contest did a great job showcasing just that I thought it to be a brilliant idea to really get the point across what makes webOSīs multitasking so valuable in everyday use.
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    Heth: I just posted your video, via, to about twenty social networks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heth View Post
    Thank you

    ... Regarding a voice over, if there will be another spot by me, we should find an appropriate native English speaking person to do the voice over for the spot. Iīm from Germany and really wonīt be able to talk accent-free, but for maximum international impact this should be the case for the narrator.
    I don't know what you are talking about...I don't detect even a trace of an accent in your post!

    Just be sure NOT to say farfegnugen!

    The video is very impressive.
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    @clarkmc: Thanks, man! This should give webOS the coverage it deserves. Iīm still amazed what an impact this little clip has, Iīd never expected anything close to it. But it shows, people actually care for palm to be more successful. I really hope we as a community here on precentral get another ad going to further this pleasent development.

    I mean... we have homebrew for almost everything concerning Palms webOS, why not homebrew advertising
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    Every phone commercial these days seem to be touting how it can do all sorts of things. Even that crappy tracphone was saying it can do web.

    But there are only 2 phones that can do 3d games well. And only 1 that can truly multitask while playing a 3d game. Palm needs a commercial that will separate them from the crowd of phones that even the casuals would understand and they all think better graphics means better technology.
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    i loved it...and watched it a couple times in a row just because i enjoyed it.

    my question is, why is this not a posting on the front page of PreCentral? Seriously, get it up there, it's too easy for stuff to get clutterred in the forum
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    Heth: I find it amazing that Palm doesn't do any (that I've seen) marketing online. I personally can post and get in front of millions of mobile phone users in less time than it takes to read this sentence.
    Palm needs to take some initiative, build a team of social networking types, and go for it. None of the other phone companies are doing it. Paying millions of $ for traditional adverts just doesn't cut it anymore...I'd fire their entire marketing department, hire someone like you, (and a few others) and make the leap. They have nothing to lose.
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    Heth: This is going to be lengthy, but here goes.. I'm an ex stockbroker and financial planner. As a broker I was always amazed by the marketing $ spent on selling the 'invisible'. Something I once heard astounded me and I'll relate it here. (I think my data's pretty close)
    During the early 90's, Merrill Lynch spent millions and millions of dollars on marketing. TV ads, print, radio, etc... all in the traditional means used at the time. They then tracked their clientele; not just current clients, but mostly new accounts.
    During the five year tracking period, not one person said that they'd called Merrill because of an ad they saw on TV, or heard, or read. Not one.
    What all of this marketing did was give them 'Brand Awareness'. I personally think that social media and social awareness, including media like yours, is money better spent.

    I'm confident that your video has been viewed more intently, by far more people, than any of Palm's ads. (the creepy girl ads might be an exception but, for the wrong reasons)
    Anyway, I've vented sufficiently for today. I'm going skiing.
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    About viral marketing, I totally agree. Iīd never thought this little clip would make itīs rounds that fast or get that much coverage. It clearly shows how much potential in viral advertising there is. You reach so many people and on contrary to tv ads they donīt really see them as an distraction or interuption from their usual program. They watch them because they want to and because theyīre interested in it or heard / read somewhere about it. People can be so much more forgiving under such circumstances.

    But still, Iīm a bit sad that much of the coverage now turns this thing around and somewhat uses it against Palm. I think Palms last ad was terrific, I mean, come one, it made me do my little clip here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by grndslm View Post
    For some reason, the setting and the music together seem like a true Englishman, one with a "sophisticated" voice seems like it pops to mind (like John Cleese from Monty Python, almost), would be a very nice fit. But then it'd be easy to destroy the essence of the video if the voice wasn't just right. Guess it depends on what he's saying and how he says it, really.

    Somebody's gotta write the most effective script with a list of the most effective apps, features of the Pre and webOS that kick ayse!

    Oh well... just a few tweaks and that commercial is gonna be GOLDEN.
    A man called Sean Bean. A British actor who has been in many blockbuster film sand does a few voice over for TV ads here in the UK. He comes from Sheffield, a city in the North of England. Does lots of Ads in the UK for O2UK, a supermarket and the National Blood Service. Have a look at some of the ads he has done, just look at YouTube.

    There are lots more about.
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    Heth, ein wort...Ausgezeichnet! You will be amazed how quick this will spread and how you ended up tapping into the shift in our changing society. Very impressed by it and brings the 'wow' factor. Great job and look forward to seeing how this all plays out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heth View Post

    Without any really good native English speaking actors, I wouldnīt wanna shoot another ad. It would just distract from the general point.
    Going by the standard of the original, I definitely think that you should go ahead with it. You could do it initially without sound-track. Write a script and and ask people to contribute their voice over tracks for inclusion. Or even better, to preserve the surprise, write a script for the original and get contributions for that to select the voice.
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    Proper video.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heth View Post
    Valid point. I think thatīs one of the most important features to show. Have the pre run NFSU in widescreen, make it show a text message notification, dismiss it and keep playing, than incoming call, answer that, check the text message or something else of contextual relevance and then return to the game.
    Precisely!! Tho, I feel I have something stuck in my throat...

    _-=*COUGH*=-_ Asphalt 5 _-=*COUGH*=-_

    It even be sweeter if you could hit the boost right before a ramp... and while in mid air, get the notification or swipe up to pause or something... and then come back to where you left off.

    The effect of pausing the game while in mid air... then coming back to that same exact spot after "business" would cause iPhone users to flip the freak out.
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    So, sorry to say, but Iīm probably not gonna make it to get to work on another clip this week as I was planning on. I have some work on a movie project of mine going on this week. Itīs been in the pipeline for quite some months now and thereīs a good chance we can finally get it all shot this week.

    Also I think thereīs a saying thatīs quite true here: "if youīre good at something, donīt do it for free". Iīve done my part for promoting Palmīs webOS even more than I couldīve ever thought of doing. But itīs up to Palm to make something out of it or leave it be. Companies are throwing out millions of dollars for their advertising. So why should I work for free and give others the benefits?

    Donīt get me wrong I did not turn greedy all of a sudden, but itīs just a bad idea to work for free in this kind of field when everyone around you is apparantly cashing in as much as they can for the same thing. If Palm really wouldīve contacted me to work with them on a new concept for their ads, Iīd be more than willing to contribute as much as I can. But Iīm not giving in to any illusions that they ever will. After the dust has settled my little clip will be one in a million small one hit wonders on youtube. Itīs not going to change the grand picture.

    We know Palm took notice of my clip, they more than once send the link via twitter, but thatīs probably all there gonna be.

    So, Iīm glad that I could do something to help put webOS a bit more into the spotlight and Iīm glad I can participate in the ongoing webOSroundup video contest. Iīm eager to see what everyone else is coming up with for the contest, some nice videos have been posted the last days!

    So letīs see where we stand, when the contest is over as Palm is watching that as well (at least theyīre sponsoring as I understand).
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