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    Hello all,
    Just visited my friendly neighborhood Sprint store and found, much to my dismay, the display Pre was MUCH faster and more responsive than mine (hell, even the pixi was more responsive). I was hoping to wait until the next patch came out....but I'm assuming that won't help my current situation? Should I doctor this badboy and THEN install the patch when it comes out (I assume in the next couple of weeks?) I'm wanting to throw the 720 patch on there as well. But knowing that I'll have to uninstall it before the update, I'm wondering what order to do all this in.

    Thanks in advance,
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    first of all, avoid saying 'patch' as that's entirely different to an update. what you mean is update.

    doctoring is awesome. it's a total clean slate, and if you're feeling unsure about ur phone's performance, it's a no-risk way to get it factory fresh.
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    Interestingly, While prepping to Doctor, I deleted my backup and created a new one. And that fixed all the lag. I know this has been reported before...and I STILL don't understand why this would be, but it is. So I didn't doctor, and installed the 800 patch....WOW!


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